Rumour: HTC HD2 to get official Windows Mobile 7 update?

The rumour is unsourced, but MSMobiles claim to have received information which not just suggests but confirms that HTC will be releasing an official Windows Mobile 7 upgrade for the HTC HD2, which will apparently be announced as soon as Microsoft officially announces Windows Mobile 7, likely at Mobile World Congress in February 2010.

While we know the HD2 matches the Chassis 1 specs rumoured to be the minimum spec for Windows Mobile 7, HTC’s refusal to release a Windows Mobile 6.5 update for the HTC Touch HD, which easily matches the Windows Mobile 6.5 specs, would, I am sure, significantly reduce our readers confidence in this possibility.

On the other hand HTC may very well need to do this, if they intend to continue selling a Windows Mobile 6.5 device after Windows Mobile 7 is announced.

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