Rumour: Cortana will offer hands-free voice command, voice unlocking




Chinese website claims to have some new tasty rumour titbits for Microsoft’s Cortana Voice Assistant.

According to their sources the voice assistant will offer one feature we have not seen yet on other operating systems.  The service will be able to recognize users by their voiceprint and unlock the handsets just for them.

CtechCN claims this is more convenient that fingerprint unlock, but I am not too sure of this, as saying Open Sesame to your handset 5 times an hour can I am sure get quite tiring.

The handset will also offer a new feature that is now coming to the market for Motorola and the iPhone.  The device will be able to accept voice commands even with the screen off, similar to Motorola’s Moto X handset.  That device however uses a special chipset, making CTechCN wonder whether this Windows Phone 8.1 feature will be reserved only for the latest handsets.

They also report that, like Telme, Cortana will be extensible by 3rd party developers, and that developers will know more about the system by December this year.

Do our readers think Microsoft is on the right track? Let us know below.
Via, thanks Imperial Dynamics for the tip.
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