Rumour: Acer to launch 4 new Windows phones at IFA 2015


30, 2015


In March this year Acer launched its new Acer Liquid M220 at Mobile World Congress 2015 and we noted the WVGA device would have been equally at home in 2013.

It seems the device must have done passably well, as   it is currently rumoured that Acer will be launching 4 new Windows Phone devices at IFA 2015.

The rumour is courtesy of Roland Quandt, “master of scoops” at, who was also one of the first to confirm LG’s Windows Phone on Verizon.

Our only hope this time is that Acer will at least attempt the high end, but with Microsoft stepping away from the low-end niche, this time there may actually be some space for the Korean company to gain some market share in the Windows Phone world.

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