Rumour: 4 Samsung Windows Mobile handsets coming, officially upgradable to Windows Phone 7

03-15-10samsungsolowp7 brings us this rumour from Russian Mobile wizard site  The site famously brought us some of the first Windows Phone 7 news, confirming the lack of backward compatibility and the Zune-like UI.

According to Mobile, Samsung will by launching 4 extremely powerful Windows Mobile handsets this summer. The handsets will be even more powerful than the HTC HD2, some with HD video support and 4 inch AMOLED screens.

Of course, with Windows Phone 7 announced, any company with their ears close to the ground would realize no-one will be investing in an expensive Windows Mobile 6.5 handset.  Samsung, wisely however, is apparently negotiating with Microsoft to make these handsets officially upgradable to Windows phone 7 in January 2011.

Now if only HTC caught the hint…

Will our readers buy an officially upgradable handset or wait for devices which come pre-installed with Windows Phone 7? Let us know below.