Rumors are flying! WLE 2011 release (RC?, Final?) Sept. 30?

We know that at some point a new version of Windows Live Essentials is coming.  For one thing, it’s in beta, and fortunately for us Windows Live applies the beta tag a bit more judiciously than some other services *cough* Google *cough*.  We’ve been expecting a Fall release of WLE 2011, as “the first major update to Windows 7”.  And now rumors of a new download seem to be popping up daily.

First up was a rumor that WLE 2011, in RC (release candidate) form would be available on September 9th, and then a few tweets went by pointing at September 17th.  Now, according to Italian website R27 Blog, the latest rumor to fly is that WLE 2011 will become available on September 30 (hey the same day as Alerts goes dark, woah!!).  We especially like R27 Blogs reference to our friend F. Martin Garcia:

Now it’s official, no more rumor or false news, but mostly no more Francisco Martin Garcia.
This time, Microsoft was using the promotional page CasaMessenger, to branch the date of final release of Windows Live Essentials 2011, 30 September.There will consequently be (no –ed.) new beta, RC (Release Candidate) or other intermediate versions.
The wait is almost over, so a few days and we can see the progress being made by the team of Windows Live (in English, too!).
We thank Ugosan space for their invaluable support in all these months of "beta"

(translation by Bing)

CasaMessenger is indeed a Microsoft site, in Italian, promoting Messenger (almost as much as it promotes Flash!).  Here’s the image R27 Blog captured from a Casa Messenger post on Facebook:


… and a Bing translation:

Hello Andrea, the new Windows Live Essentials suite will be launched in Italy 30 September and will be in Italian.  The beta version launched this summer was exclusively in English

(edited to fix “will be in English”, to “will be in Italian”)

via Roberto in our Alerts post comments, Thanks!

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