Rumored Xbox streaming box reportedly powered by custom AMD Picasso chip


17, 2018

Rumors have been flying left and right regarding an upcoming streaming box for the next-generation. Instead of buying into an expensive piece of local hardware, users may be able to purchase an internet-capable machine capable of playing games over the internet.

With Microsoft’s Project xCloud planning to bring low-latency game streaming to a wide array of devices, and a rumored disc-less Xbox One console, this seems very likely.

Sources close to WCCFTech have revealed that the affordable next-generation technology will be powered by a “semi-custom AMD Picasso APU.” The standard Picasso chip is also allegedly being considered for use in a Surface Laptop.

The Picasso line is allegedly being considered due to the technology’s great power consumption, a must-have for any console, as well as their small form factor. This will allow Microsoft to make sure that the Streaming Xbox can be sold for much less than the traditional next-generation box.

The last we heard of Microsoft’s streaming technology, the company was implementing AI to learn the actions of each individual user. A little creepy, but okay.

Source: WCCFTech

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