Rumor: Yahoo To Ditch Microsoft Bing And Develop Its Own Search Technology Again



yahoo screenshots

Back in 2009, Microsoft and Yahoo partnered for web search technology in which Yahoo agreed to outsource its search business to Microsoft. Yahoo search results were powered by Bing. Yahoo will take care of their user experience while Microsoft will offer the underlying platform. Yahoo seems to be now testing mobile search results page without Bing branding. According to SAI, Yahoo built its own mobile search engine and testing it with 15% of its mobile users. If also means that Microsoft is no longer involved in powering Yahoo and its CEO Marissa Mayer wants to make Yahoo a player in search again.

Everyone in the industry knows that how difficult and costly it is to compete with Google. I don’t think Yahoo will be able to afford it. Microsoft-Yahoo search deal should be renewed this year and it would be interesting to see what Yahoo decides about their search future.

Source: BusinessInsider

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