Rumor: “Tuck and Paste” How Windows phone 7 will tackle copy and paste



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Remember the Courier, and its ingenious method of copy and paste by “tucking” items to the center spine, or maybe the Kin spot. Well, if blogger msftnerd’s sources are correct, that is the method via which copy and paste will come to Windows phone 7. It is a elegant method of solving this age old problem and here is just a taste of the implementation.

I was really pleased, then, to hear that Microsoft had figured out a better way and that it would be coming in an update soon after the world-wide launch of the first wave of phones. You see, the company has pulled this implementation straight out of the “canceled” Courier dual-screen booklet project. Now, Courier had the middle hinge to act as a temporary virtual clipboard, and WP7 doesn’t have one. So, where do the copied items go? Straight up, at the top edge of the screen in portrait and on the side opposite the app-bar in landscape orientations…

The post: Windows Phone 7 clipboard: “Tuck and Paste” goes into so much more detail so hit the link and get ready to be amazed!  A word of caution though, this is all speculation/rumor so it needs to be taken with a grain of salt. However, it is not that far fetched from reality IMHO because Microsoft already posses the technology. So what do you guys think if this turns out to be true (crossing my fingers)?

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