Rumor: Nokia To Announce Two Windows Phone 8 Devices On Sep-5th



Author Pradeep // in News

Last month, Microsoft revealed the platform features of Windows Phone 8 to the public and kept the consumer features close to its chest. Now according to WPDang, Microsoft will reveal more consumer features and the details on Windows Phone 8 development on Sep-5th at Nokia World.

Another surprise is that, Microsoft’s premium Windows Phone OEM Nokia is also expected to reveal two Windows Phone 8 devices. Could it be Nokia Lumia 910, Lumia 920 or something else?

Unfortunately WPDang also say they can not confirm a Pureview model for this way of Nokia handsets, which I am sure will disappoint many, but is somewhat expected.  This will likely be the device coming in Spring which will have people tripping over each other to get it.

What do you expect?

Source: wpdang

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