Rumor: Microsoft Working To Scale Up WP8 To 7″ And Scale Down Windows RT To 8.4″

Few days back, WMPoweruser reported about a mysterious ZTE Windows Phone device with 5.9inch screen. Many doubted whether Windows Phone 8 can scale to such high resolutions with app compatibility. Now, we have another rumor from @MS_Nerd about this matter. It seems Microsoft is working on two fronts in bringing Windows based device with screen sizes ranging from 5-inch to less than 10-inch.
These 7-inch device is expected to have stylus support and include IE and Reader as well.
ZTE Blade 8: WP8 counts 3 pixels as 2. MSFT adding stylus support in OneNote, IE & Reader. Figuring out how to reach 7″ size with WP or RT.
Another project with select members of Surface & Nook teams, using RT on a 8.4″ screen exploring it from the other side, no stylus yet.
What do you think? You prefer Windows Phone OS on 7-inch or Windows RT on 7-inch?
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