Rumor: Microsoft Surface Pro 4 To Come With Ultra-Thin Bezel And Smart Frame Feature

Surface Pro 4

On October 6th, Microsoft is going to reveal their next generation Surface Pro device at a press event in NYC. We already know few things about this device. It is going to feature latest Intel 6th gen CPUs and the existing Surface Pro 3 accessories will work with Surface Pro 4. The latest rumor is that Surface Pro 4 will have ultra-thin bezel just like the Dell XPS 13 device. The disadvantage of having ultra-thin bezel in Surface like form factor is the difficulty in holding the device when using in tablet mode. Microsoft is going to solve this issue with a new feature called Smart Frame. With Smart Frame, the display will automatically change its size depending on the mode of usage. The screen size for example can change from 13-inch to 11-inch when switching to tablet mode so that user can comfortably hold the device. Intel demoed something similar back in 2013, watch the demo below.

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