Rumor: Microsoft may not reveal the Surface Pro 4 this year


Recently, there’s been a couple of murmurings about the Surface Pro 4’s release date. The device has been rumored to come out later this summer while some rumors are claiming that Microsoft will release the device later this year.

Now, according to a new report from Business Korea, Microsoft has ordered a large of amount of 256 GB SSDs based on Samsung’s latest NVME technology. The order is expected to ship during the second half of 2016. Interestingly enough, Engadget Japan is reporting that the Surface Pro 4 will pack these Samsung SSDs – suggesting that the device may not get revealed this year.

The 256 GB SSDs based on Samsung’s NVME technology will indeed make things faster and it’ll likely improve the overall user experience. However, take this rumor with a truckload of salt as previous rumors suggested that the device is expected to get released sometime soon.

Personally, I wouldn’t be too surprised if the Surface Pro 4 comes out later this summer as Microsoft could be planning to target the back-to-school season. So once again, take this rumor with a truckload of salt and let us know when you expect Microsoft to unveil the Surface Pro 4 in the comment section below!

Source: Business Korea, Engadget – Via: WinBeta