Rumor: Microsoft Looking To Buy Shoutcast & Winamp From AOL

Now this is only a rumor, and to be perfectly honest, not one I really believe.  However, TechCrunch, which is owned by AOL, is reporting that Microsoft is considering buying Winamp & Shoutcast.  Winamp is media playing software for Windows and Android devices that AOL picked up through its $80 million acquisition of Nullsoft in 1999.  Nullsoft also developed Shoutcast which is a cross platform propriety streaming media software.

AOL is currently in the process of shutting down both Winamp and Shoutcast.  With the increasing popularity of Spotify, Pandora, ITunes, etc is seems to make little sense that Microsoft would want either piece of software.  Spotify recently raised $250 million valuing the company around ~$4 billion, greater than AOL’s entire market cap.  However, it is important to remember Microsoft did buy over a billion dollars in patents from AOL CEO Tim Armstrong and then proceeded to sell some of them to Facebook.  There may be some patents in play which Microsoft feels are important to add to its intellectual property portfolio.

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Source: TechCrunch