Rumor: Microsoft Knuckles down On Windows Phone 8, Cancels Employee Vacations



While we are eagerly waiting for the Windows Phone 8 info, Microsoft Windows Phone team is ramping up its development of Windows Phone 8 for the release later this year.

According to the latest rumor, Microsoft considered that the recent Windows Phone 8 builds are buggy and to fix those bugs they are even cancelling the vacations of employees to meet the Windows Phone 8 development schedule.

On Reddit Technopwn and Libertarianish posted:

technopwn 1 day ago

I also have a few friends that work on WP, and can confirm this is correct. Although you should also ask your friends how they think WP8 is going … mine say its incredibly buggy still.

Libertarianish 1 day ago

From what I could tell both the test phone running WP8 and the Lumia 900 running 7.8 ran smoothly and without a hiccup. I never touched them but I was shown the new start screen and a few new apps like Xbox Music. They ran without any lag, which was a relief because my Gen 1 phone lags with every app. I could not see any more UI changes like multiple screens, multicolored tile themes, or gradient/colorful backgrounds; but that doesn’t mean anything concrete. Also, it had the three capacitive touch buttons which functioned properly, so a charms bar in WP8 is unlikely.

As far as buggy, I know Microsoft was planning on an earlier release, like summer, but it was delayed. The employees that I know even cancelled their vacations. I expect October to be the likely time of release. September or November may still be up for consideration.

When we asked Microsoft to comment on this rumor, we got the usual reply as follows,

We’re looking forward to delivering Windows Phone 8 with our partners later this year.

The context for all of these posts are however that a Windows Phone 8 has been spotted out in the wild, which just makes it a question of time before we see every detail of the new OS leaked.

Whatever happens, I would like to see Windows Phone 8 devices on market as soon as possible. In October maybe?

Source: Reddit via: Insideris

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