Rummycomb hits WP7 – FREE puzzle game from Leda Entertainment

RummyComb RummyComb RummyComb

Leda Entertainment are proud to announce the release of Rummycomb; a FREE gem-busting game for Windows Phone 7.

Inspired by games such as Bejeweled and Tetris, and adding the set and run rules from the classic card game, Rummycomb is an addictive token-matching puzzler with the characteristic twist that Leda Entertainment brings to its games. Played on a unique hexagonal grid, Rummycomb’s features three modes of tile-linking gameplay.

Can you enclose tokens inside a loop for extra points? Can you stretch a selection all the way across the grid? Can you choose a set where every suit is represented – or, for the ultimate accolade, gather a rainbow set of every colour in the same suit? Rams at the base of each column can alter the field of play for a short-term advantage – but beware! These cannot be reset, which can impact play as the game goes on.

runnyqrAlso featuring selectable game themes, a host of hidden bonuses and online high score tables, Rummycomb is suited to both the long-standing puzzler and gamers on the go.

Rummycomb can be found in Marketplace here, or for more information, visit

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