Rudy Huyn’s next project: Tinder for Windows Phone




Rudy Huyn is making a career of bringing services to Windows Phone which the actual owners of the apps are unfortunately reluctant to do themselves.

After 6tag, his Instagram app, and 6snap, his Snapchat app, his next target it appears is Tinder, the dating app iOS and Android.

The Tinder app lets you find people who fit your preferences close to you, and lets you anonymously like or pass on them.  If some-one likes you back the app makes an introduction and lets you chat within the app.

The service has millions of users and has been accused of encouraging casual relationships and “hookups” which I am sure our younger readers will not want to miss out on.

As usual we expect a high quality app from Rudy that will in many ways be better than an official app by the owners of the service, much like his Instagram app is still better than the official app on Windows Phone.

Are any of our readers waiting for this app? Let us know below.

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