Rudy Huyn has started working on bringing SnapChat Chat to 6Snap

snapchat chat

While we would all love better first party developer support on Windows Phone, we do also have a wonderful ecosystem of developers who bring services to our platform via 3rd party apps.

The best example of these is probably Rudy Huyn, best known for his Instagram and Snapchat apps.

With the announcement of the new Snapchat Chat and video calling features he has already tweeted that he was looking into the new developments, and was waiting for the app to show up on Android to reverse engineer.

Now, judging by the latest screen shot he has tweeted, it has, and he says he has started working on it, noting that it is coming, but that users needed to be patient.

While many readers have said the real solution is a first party app, it is of note that Instagram for Windows Phone still does not support video, a feature already supported by 6tag, suggesting even with a supported first party app 3rd party developers are still much more responsive to our needs.

Do our readers agree?