Rudy Huyn gives an early demo of his new Instagram app 6gram (video)

6tagram prototype : full client app for Instagram

imageRudy Huyn, the developer of 6sec, a Vine app for Windows Phone, has turned his attention to Instagram, and has been working on a Windows Phone app for the service for the last few days.

He is currently using the shell and UI of his Vine app, given that the two services have many similarities, and the app is already mostly functional, except for the filters which is such a large part of Instagram, but the app already supports Instagram’s newest feature – video uploads.

The final app will probably look somewhat different,  but the UI of even the current version already looks pretty good.

The app, when finally released, will be competing with Instance, Daniel Gary’s own 3rd party Instagram app, and Instragraph, which is taking the interesting approach of being an uploader to Instagram for a number of other applications.

Of course all this effort may be moot when an official Instagram app ever comes to the platform, but until that happens we can only thank our 3rd party developers for keeping Windows Phone owners in the social networking loop.