Rudy Huyn already looking at supporting new Snapchat features in 6Snap


Snapchat today unveiled some significant new features to their previous photo sharing app, which even in basic form is of course not available on Windows Phone yet, except via 3rd party apps line 6Snap.

The latest version of Snapchat for iOS now allows chatting between users and also allows video calls.

While the increasing complexity of the app will likely increase the work that needs to be done to bring it to Windows Phone, the good news is that star Windows Phone developer Rudy Huyn is already investigating supporting the feature in his 3rd party Snapchat app.

This will be done by reverse engineering the Android implementation, which is unfortunately not available yet.

Unfortunately it seems the new features also makes heavy use of push notifications, which may become an issue, but if anyone can overcome them I am sure Rudy can.

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