RSSToGo updated to version 1.2

A new update for RSSToGo is now available in marketplace.

The 1.2 update brings:

  • YouTube videos support in the article view / inline browser
  • New delay options for “keep read items” : ability to keep read items from 1 day up to 1 month
  • Several bugs fixed

RSSToGo features :

  • Full sync with Google Reader (Subscriptions, Folders, All items, Read items, Starred items, Shared items).
  • Offline marking item as read, starred, shared, keep unread.
  • Ability to rename feeds, rename folders, create folders and change feed’s folder(s) while offline.
  • Share items by Email, Twitter, ReadItLater and Instapaper.
  • Store items when you’re offline, including embedded images.
  • Supports landscape screen mode.
  • Search for new feeds by keyword.
  • Supports Google mobilizer or Instapaper mobilizer

RSSToGo is priced at $1.99 with free trial available. The trial version contains most the features of the full version, except the “embedded image caching” feature.

RSSToGo can be found in Marketplace here