RSS Central v2.0 for Mango released

I am very pleased to be able to announce the release of v2.0 of my popular RSS reader application, RSS Central. This update is for Mango only, and finally implements many of the features that people have been asking for over the last few months.

The update takes full advantage of the new Mango feature set, and includes the following new features:

  •  fast app resume.
  •  live tiles — all of RSS Central’s tiles now display live unread article counts when pinned to the start menu.
  • background downloads — RSS Central can now download updated subscription content when it isn’t running.
  • pinnable tiles — any subscription (or subscription group) can be pinned to the start menu for instant access (and of course, these are live tiles too!)
  • sharing of articles to social networks (Twitter, Facebook, …)
  • subscriptions will be downloaded in compressed format if the server supports it, meaning that they download even faster!

All this is in addition to the existing set of powerful features, including full RSS, Atom and RDF feed support, offline reading, subscription and article search tools, keyword features to help highlight articles of interest, import and export of subscriptions in .OPML format, uploading to Instapaper and more.

RSS Central v2.0 is available in the Marketplace priced at $1.29. The trial mode is completely unrestricted other than occasional “nag” messages, so please give it a try and see what you think. More details and screenshots can be found at the offician RSS Central site here.

I am always working on enhancing and improving RSS Central so please do get in touch if you have any suggestions.