ROM Review: Elegancia Rom (V 9.5) HTC HD2

ScreenShot2Finding the best ROM is always a hard task, but as the previous post by Surur stated, we are going to help. This ROM is my number 21st ROM flashed since my HTC Touch Pro days, and so I have quite a bit of experience with them, and I most say. This is one of the best ROMs I have ever used, and so here is my quick review of it.

This ROM is based on Windows Phone 6.5.3, and is build on Miri’s light ROM –which sadly I have never used before. In this review I will be talking about the latest version which was released June 19th – I am still waiting for a new version Miri, just so I can flash Again (Flash-a-holic remember.


The ROM starts out with that rarely unseen Orange screen of Windows Phone 6.5.3. It loads out with the latest version of Cookie Home Tab (Version 1.8.5–Video coming soon), with the special wallpaper by Miri. The top, and bottom area is pure black, and very simple. The overall ROM sticks to the pure black design that you start out with. The Dialer is an unusual Black and green color that I am sure is due to their connection to HTCPedia. Most of the applications have a very nice icon set to give the ROM that extra good looks that we love to show off. Other than those things, the ROM sticks to a very basic look. Windows Media Player is still very unattractive, and more.



The ROM comes with pretty much all the files you need except some that you could download from an APP store. The Folders are all filled with application with applications that you might need, but in my experience I do not use at least 70% of the application. Otherwise the application list is very well stocked, and could really save you the time it normally takes installing every single app… except wait, that leads me to another aspect of the ROM. The ROM has a system that reads your memory card and finds a folder that you are suppose to create and name “Autoinstall”, now why would you do that? Well when the phone first sets up, it installs every application and modification that folder holds, and that should really save you some time. The ROM has the usual features of all HTC HD2 ROM. CHT, YouTube app, No TCPMP though, but you can download and install that. The features of this ROM are so vast and incredible, that I cannot go through them all, so I will say “You figure it out.”


This ROM is the corner stone of performance. I used to think the speed I had with Energy ROM was the best, but boy was I wrong. This ROM comes laced with a hit of Speed, and is wrapped in stability and battery life. The ROM truly makes use of what they HD2 has over most other ScreenShot9phone (1 Ghz Processor). It loads very slowly the first time you start out the device, but that is very well explainable, most likely due to the apps being installed in the background. After that first restart, the ROM picks up in speed, like a Bugatti Vayron, slow starts, fast middle and great end. Many ROMs have a great problems with freezing, well not this one. Since I began using it on the 19th, I can say it have yet to freeze on me. The ROM works so smoothly that I never experience slowness. I am sure by now you most be looking for the bad of this ROM, well battery life is not one. Most ROMs that are this fast always have a huge battery life problem, well this ROM seemed to have skipped that problem. When used, I get around 5-7 normal use time (watching very little videos, using some Wi

Fi, On 3G, and playing music).

Performance is truly what should be the goal of any ROM that comes into the world. This ROM has that goal in sight, and like Ghana did in today’s World Cup match, they just do it with a no trouble. If you have been searching for stability and awesome speed, this ROM is as best as I have experienced.

Wrap Up

At the end of the day, this ROM is just one of many that I have used, but this is by far my most favored. Hopefully after this review, you will have a better idea of what ROM to install on your HTC HD2.

Download this ROM over at HTCP

Base ROM: 2.13.531.1

You MUST use radio, 2.10. 50.08_2 or or


Users flash at their own risk.  We are linking to the ROM, but did not upload it. Flashing a ROM may destroy your device and void your warranty.  We are reviewing a specific build of a ROM, and the review may not apply to any other build of the ROM, even if by the same

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