ROKUbox is a WIFI remote control for your ROKU box

Does a responsive and intuitive Wi-Fi based remote for your beloved ROKU device sound good? ROKUbox will turn your Windows Phone device into exactly that. Now you will have complete control over your ROKU device minus all the drawbacks of a conventional remote. Not convinced? Take a look at what ROKUbox can do:

  • Automatically scan and pair with multiple ROKU devices on your network ; pin devices to home screen
  • Control your ROKU device with the fully functional remote
  • See your installed channels list within the app
  • Directly jump to desired channels without navigating through menus
  • Favorite most watched channels for faster access
  • Easily enter text via phone’s keyboard


All these goodies are packaged into a clean Metro interface, making it a joy to use!

ROKUbox is $1.99 with a free trial and can be found in Marketplace here.