Roku will continue to support their WP8.1 app


Roku has just launched its new app for Windows 10 devices. The app lets users search for movies, shows, and control their Roku using their Windows 10 PC or Tablet.

The company did not announce any new apps for Windows Phone or a mobile version of their Universal app, which left many concerned that the mobile side will be abandoned.

Now in a statement to Neowin the company made it clear that this will not be the case and that they will continue to support their Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 apps.

With the vast majority of Windows Phone users (around 80%) still on Windows Phone 8.1, and unlikely to upgrade soon the news will certainly come as a welcome surprise.

You can get Roku app for Windows 8.1 below.

Developer: Roku
Price: Free
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