Rogers not to be as generous as AT&T–commitment-free Nokia Lumia 900 to cost $524


While the Nokia Lumia 900 is a great deal on AT&T either on or off contract, costing $99 and $450 respectively, MobileSyrup has discovered Rogers Canada, who will be releasing the LTE device soon, will in fact not be so generous.

The handset will still be $99, this time on a 3 year contract, then $424.99 on a two year contract, $474.99 on a one year contract and lastly $524.99 without any contract at all.

While $524.99 is still pretty cheap, the pricing seems extremely unfair, considering AT&T can manage $99 on a two year contract and Rogers can only manage $424.99. While one is of course Canadian and the other US dollars, the currencies are virtually of identical value at present (1 Canadian dollar = 1.00827 US$) suggesting Canadians are being ripped off.

MobileSyrup is expecting the handset to launch on the 10/4/2012. Read more here.

Thanks Al for the tip.