Rocky Racer – Race your way through craters and lava!


15, 2012

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Windows Phone 7 - Rocky Racer

Rocky Racer

Rocky Racer is a combination of a racer and shooter game.
You navigate your space vessel between craters and lava streams.
By tilting your phone you should be able to avoid all upcoming obstacles.

But there is more ! Passing enemies will try to destroy you while you continue your journey.
Tapping the screen will cause your space vessel to shoot laser beams at the enemies.
Don’t shoot to fast thou because you have limited plasma !

Bonus items

Several bonus items will help you kill your enemies much faster.
The longer you can continue your journey the more funds you will receive. These funds will help you with upgrades or bonus items.
You could get a protection shield or some extra lava resistance.


An online leader board will keep your competitive mind going. Can you get the top day position? Or will YOU be the best Rocky Racer in the planet?

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Get it now from the marketplace.

You can also view the online statistics of this game. It will show the daily users, when people are playing etc.

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