Rockstar is launching their very own record label called CircoLoco Records, and the first track is already out. 

In this latest venture, Rockstar plans to go about “further fusing the physical and digital worlds of entertainment by teaming with CircoLoco,” who are dance and club music promoters if you don’t know, the perfect match for Grand Theft Auto Online’s After Hours clubs. 

This isn’t just a collaboration project with hopes for the future, oh no, the first song from the upcoming debut EP “Monday Dreamin’,” is already out for you to listen to. “Lumartes” by Seth Troxler is that first track, with more set to arrive each coming Friday until the full digital album release on July 9th. 

You can pre-order the whole 20 song album now if you want to for £9 (or your regional equivalent) on Bandcamp and Apple Music, with the digital album also releasing on Spotify

For collectors of gaming adjacent tat and music fans alike, the will also be a vinyl release, though that is only slated as “coming soon” for the time being, so you’ll have to wait and listen to the album first. 

With games often being taken down due to music licencing expiring, this move looks like a great way to mitigate against that risk, while fostering musical talent for Rockstar’s library of games. The first track feels perfectly suited to the clubs of Grand Theft Auto Online, with the digital clubs even featuring in the announcement video which “Lumartes” plays overtop of.

Beyond some funky fresh tunes to listen to their the coming months, we don’t know quite yet what this partnership might bring into the gaming space, but it’s likely that some fusing of digital and physical worlds could see an extension of After Hours’ clubs, new music on radio stations, or even in-game concerts.