Sony continues to withhold cross-play with Xbox One

Update: Sony is the main hurdle behind cross-play at the moment. Even Ark: Survival Evolved’s developers have the feature ready but Sony won’t allow it with Xbox One. However, Microsoft are in talks with Sony to allow cross-play so let’s hope the negotiations bear fruit.

As Psyonix just revealed during the E3 2017 Nintendo Spotlight event, Rocket League is indeed coming to Nintendo Switch later this year! However, there’s some Xbox One news in there too. According to the developers, the game supports cross-play with Xbox One and PC. In a statement they said:

“Rocket League will also support all of Nintendo Switch’s play modes, including TV Mode, Tabletop Mode, Handheld Mode, and both Online and Local Multiplayer. Online Multiplayer supports up to 8 players, and Cross-Network play will be supported as well, allowing Switch players to hit the field with players on Steam and Xbox One.”

This is definitely amazing news. Now, all of you might be wondering why PlayStation 4 isn’t in there. Well, we spoke with various Microsoft representatives at E3 2017 and they said that Sony refused to allow the feature. There’s no hiding it or sugarcoating it. Another source said that “negotiations were going on” but we highly doubt that. That seems like a diplomatic answer. So, for any PlayStation 4 owners reading this, don’t expect it anytime soon unless Sony has a change of heart.

Either ways, it’s still great news that Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch players will be able to experience one of the best games of this generation together. Gaming is all about coming together, no matter where you’re from, and Rocket League is definitely doing that along with Minecraft which also supports cross-play between various devices excluding PlayStation 4. Again, Sony refused cross-play in that situation too.