OnePlus is expected to release its upcoming flagship, OnePlus 8 series in the month of April, 14th of April to be exact. And as is the case with soon-to-be-released popular flagships, a lot of information about the OnePlus 8 series has been leaked online before the launch date. But the latest leak is coming from someone special; it’s coming from Hollywood superstar and the company’s brand-ambassador — Robert Downy Jr.

Robert Downy Jr was seen using the OnePlus 8 Pro on a film set a couple of days back. Unfortunately, in the above image, we can see only the back of the smartphone. But even if you take close look at the back, you’ll notice that the smartphone Robert Downy Jr was seen using looks exactly the OnePlus 8 Pro render that leaked online a couple of months ago.

What’s disappointing though is that the Iron Man lead actor didn’t give us anything new about the upcoming OnePlus 8 Pro.

OnePlus 8 Pro is going to be an interesting phone because of a lot of reasons. It’s the first OnePlus smartphone to have an official IP rating, which means that water and dust damage will now come under warranty. Further, it’ll the first OnePlus smartphone to support wireless charging. According to rumors, it’ll be the first OnePlus phone to be available in Purple color option.

The smartphone will feature punch-hole camera design, which is similar to the one found in Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 series of smartphones. The 8 Pro will have curved edges, like its predecessor and the size of the display panel is tipped to be 6.65-inch, slightly bigger than the 6.5-inch panel on the OnePlus 8. You can know more about OnePlus 8 Pro here.

via: InstagramRDJ fanpage