Epic Games have announced that they’ve partnered with Riot to bring their entire catalogue to the Epic Games Store. 

Thanks to this new partnership, League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, and Valorant are all now available via the Epic Games Store, however it doesn’t really change all too much.

Riot’s catalogue of games have, as you might expect, been available through their own launcher for quite some time, and this partnership just seems like a fancy way of installing it. In the announcement post, Epic Games confesses that “downloading any of these free-to-play games will install the new Riot Client, with direct access to those titles,” so you’re not really saving yourself from yet another launcher. 

To celebrate this partnership, Epic Games is also introducing League of Legends character Jinx to Fortnite. This crossover event, which is the first time a League of Legends champion has ever appeared outside of a Riot game, features an outfit, pickaxe, spray, back bling, lobby track, and two loading screens.

This new crossover and partnership are supposedly in celebration as the month-long “RiotX Arcane event” which celebrated the launch of the new Netflix animated series Arcane. This series follows League of Legends champions Jinx and Vi, and launches globally on November 6th.