Riot announces Valorant Mobile

June 2, 2021

With an average of 14 million players playing the PC version of the hero shooter each month, Riot has now announced Valorant Mobile. 

In this announcement, there were remarkably few details provided by Riot, with little more than the name of “Valorant Mobile” given out. For now, we’ve got no idea when this new game might launch, how it might differ from the main game, what it will launch on, and in which regions it will launch as well. 

Speaking to Polygon, Valorant executive producer Anna Donlon said “we’re not confirming dates, but hopefully that’s something we’ll be able to see in year two,” when asked about when we might be able to play Valorant Mobile, so there might be a while to wait yet. 

This isn’t the most surprising move considering how many other FPS franchises have branched out into the mobile gaming space such as PUBG and Call of Duty, which both have hugely successful mobile versions. 

With a huge amount of money and potential players in the mobile market, there’s plenty of reason to expect this trend to continue throughout the industry. Riot has even recently launched one of their own properties onto mobile with the League of Legends spinoff title Wild Rift, so there’s plenty of precedent proceeding Valorant Mobile. 

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