Ring’s new update finally prioritizes user privacy


1, 2020

Author Anmol // in amazon

Ring has been under fire for a couple of months for playing fast and loose with user privacy. Recently, we reported how Ring was collecting and sharing user data with companies like Facebook and didn’t even bother to redact PII.

However, it looks like the company has finally taken privacy seriously as Ring users are receiving a major update that focuses on privacy settings. First teased at CES 2020, the new “Control Center” within the Ring app grants customers easy access to a variety of security options, including two-factor authentication.

Ring is also excited to launch some additional new security features. Currently, email notifications are sent to a Ring user when a login using their credentials occurs from a new client hardware device or a new IP address, and in February users will also see:

Approval Broadcast: Users will be able to use two-step verification to authorize any new client device that logs in with correct credentials before that device can gain access to the Ring account. Users will receive an email letting them know that a new device has logged into their account, and the user will have to manually confirm the new client device before it can gain access to their Ring account.

Two-Factor as the Default Setting: Two-factor authentication will be a mandatory part of the setup flow for all new accounts, meaning users will have to manually opt-out of two-factor authentication setup.

– Ring (via Gizmodo)

The new privacy-focused features will also allow users to see which devices are authorized to access Ring accounts. Overall, the new update looks to be a step in the right direction.

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