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Ring has responded to demand by car owners by creating new camera products which bring the same security they offer to homes to your mobile platform.

Ring announced two devices – the Ring Car Cam and Car Alarm.

The Ring Car Alarm plugs into your car’s OBD-II diagnostic port and connects to Amazon’s new Sidewalk network. It will send alerts when it detects break-in, your car being towed or a collision.  It also has a built-in siren which can be triggered remotely and can activate other Ring or Alexa products. It costs $59.99.

The Ring Car Cam is a camera intended to be placed on the dashboard, and from there can record both inside and outside your car.

Like the Car Alarm, the Car Cam can send alerts when it detects break-in, your car being towed or a collision. It relies on WIFI or LTE connectivity and owners will be able to connect to the camera and keep an eye on their car.

It can also automatically call first responded in the event of a serious crash and start recording if you say “Alexa, I’m being pulled over” via its Traffic Stop feature. It also features a physical shutter button for privacy.  The Ring Car Cam costs $199.99.

Ring is also introducing a feature called Ring Car Connect which will connect cameras already in cars, such as the cameras in a Tesla, with the Ring network, where footage can be preserved and perused in case of an incident. The API is open, and Tesla has already signed up.

The new products should start hitting the market starting next year.

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