Ring announce the new, easier to install video doorbell, the Door View Cam


7, 2019

As one of millions of Ring Video Doorbell owners, I can tell you the biggest issue with owning the device is the actual installation, which involves drilling more than a few holes in your masonry.

Amazon is aiming to take care of that issue with their new Ring Door View Cam, which simply replaces your peephole, resulting in a no-drill, no screw installation which should make even your landlord happy. Using a swappable rechargeable battery which normally lasts a week or two, the device does not even require power cables.

The Ring Door view Cam is a smart, compact HD camera that delivers mobile notifications when anyone presses the built-in doorbell button, knocks on the door or triggers the motion sensors (a feature unique to this video doorbell). Then answer the notification to see, hear and speak to visitors from anywhere. Whether you live in a house, apartment, condo, even dorms – if there’s a peephole on your door, Door View Cam has it covered.

See Ring’s demo video below.

YouTube player

It will be officially available in the U.S. later this year for $199, and come to the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Spain, Sweeden, Denmark, and Finland eventually as well.

via Androidcentral

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