In September Amazon’s Ring announced the new Ring Alarm Pro, their first home security system that combines professionally-monitored home security, reliable internet connectivity, and world-class network security in a Ring Alarm base station with eero built-in.

With optional connected sensors that alert to smoke, leaks and emergencies, alongside the reliability of a TrueMesh eero Wi-Fi 6 router and 24/7 Backup Internet, Ring Alarm Pro is built to help customers monitor and protect their homes, even if there’s an internet outage.

With Ring Edge technology, Ring Protect Plan subscribers can insert a compatible microSD card into the Ring Alarm Pro and connect cameras to process and store videos locally.

Along with Ring Alarm Pro, Ring is offering Ring Protect Pro, a comprehensive new subscription service featuring cloud video storage for cameras, local video storage and processing, professional monitoring, 24/7 Backup Internet for devices connected to a selected wifi network, cybersecurity features with eero Secure, a hands-free emergency helpline with Alexa Guard Plus, and more—all for $20/month or $200/year per location.

Ring Alarm Pro costs $249.99 and is available today.

via Engadget