RIM’s market share plunging into single digits


Microsoft’s biggest competitor for the 3rd ecosystem is RIM’s Blackberry, and after their company revealed their latest numbers in their quarterly financial results yesterday it is clear they are offering very little resistance.

This quarter they shipped only 10.6 million phones, and according to Asymco their phone shipments have dropped  11% year-on-year and 18% sequentially and have been shrining for the second quarter in a row, despite good international sales.

As a result their share price has dropped by more than half in the last 6 months and 20% today.

"While RIM management remains bullish on its prospects for the PlayBook and new Blackberry 7 smartphones, we maintain our more cautious view," Canaccord Genuity analyst Michael Walkley wrote Friday in a research note. "We believe RIM is underestimating the increasingly competitive smartphone environment."

Of course it may seem that RIM is just joining Windows Phone 7 in the doldrums which is hardly anything for a Windows Phone 7 fan to be happy about.



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However it is the direction of travel which is important.  While Blackberry has been shrinking in market share and installed base, at least in US, Windows Phone 7 is slowly rising, and it would not take  much more sales growth (especially with Nokia entering the market) for Windows Phone to be clearly ahead of RIM, and then it is all downhill from here to webOS land.

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