RIM losing their business touch, opportunity for Windows Phone 7?

MSNBC reports that some leading banks are starting to move away from RIM’s Blackberry smartphone solution, making way for other more modern operating systems.

JPMorgan Chase & Co and UBS are considering allowing employees to access corporate e-mail using Apple iPhones or other alternatives to their standard-issue Research in Motion BlackBerry.

British bank Standard Chartered said earlier this year it was giving its staff the option to replace the Blackberry with the iPhone, a move that could eventually result in thousands of bankers switching.

Current candidates include of course the iPhone and also Google’s Android, but it may be Windows Phone 7 which benefits most from the move.

Despite Microsoft’s consumer push the company is still viewed very much as business-focussed, and due to their relations with the IT departments in the companies have the best access for selling their own solutions.  Windows Phone 7, while not as capable as Windows Mobile, still integrated the best with the de facto business e-mail server, Exchange, and in the next integration now also supports the consumer-friendly media features which typifies the iPhone for example.

RIM is appearing increasingly weak, and Microsoft may very well be one of the pack preying on the erstwhile smartphone leader soon.

Read the MSNBC article here.