Rigetti quantum computers will be available in Azure Quantum soon

December 6, 2021
Microsoft Azure Quantum

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Microsoft Azure Quantum

Rigetti Computing today announced partnership with Microsoft to bring Rigetti quantum computers to Azure Quantum service. When it becomes available in Q1 2022, Rigetti quantum computers will be the largest quantum computer accessible on Azure Quantum.

“We’re excited to bring the speed and scale of Rigetti quantum computers to the Azure Quantum marketplace,” said Taryn Naidu, chief operating officer of Rigetti. “Microsoft has fostered an impressive community of quantum developers and researchers. Together, we can power a new generation of algorithms that chart the path toward quantum advantage.“

“Rigetti’s scalable approach to superconducting quantum computers will create new opportunities for the Azure Quantum development community,” said Krysta Svore, General Manager of Microsoft Quantum. “We’re working closely with Rigetti to deliver hybrid quantum-classical computing with the performance to tackle problems that were previously out of reach.”

Apart from Rigetti, Azure Quantum already supports following quantum hardware options:

  • Honeywell Quantum Solutions: Trapped-ion system with high-fidelity, fully connected qubits, and the ability to perform mid-circuit measurements.
  • IONQ: Dynamically reconfigurable trapped-ion quantum computer for up to 11 fully connected qubits, that lets you run a two-qubit gate between any pair.
  • Quantum Circuits, Inc: Fast and high-fidelity system with powerful real-time feedback to enable error correction.

Source: Microsoft

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