Ridiculous but effective trick for better selfies on your Windows Phone


15, 2015

Author Surur // in tip


We have all had experience with taking pictures without Windows Phones where the preview looks great, but the result in the end looks less than inspiring.

The image above is the normal result of taking a selfie, and I think our readers will agree it has a distinct soft, blurry, over-saturated VGA quality.

Redditor  shurinku (above) found a novel way of getting around this strange problem, likely caused by Microsoft’s image processing algorithms.


Shirinku found that if you take a screen shot from the Living Image that precedes the picture in the photo viewer the result (above) appears much sharper and arguably better looking.

Of course one can extract the image directly from the Living Image video by  finding the .THM Living Image file, renaming the extension to .MP4 using a file manager, and then getting the exact frame using Lumia Moments, but this is of course a bit more work.

What do our readers think of this work around? Let us know below.

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