Riders Republic releases September 2nd 2021


12, 2021

During the Ubisoft Forward event as part of E3 2021, Ubisoft has revealed a great deal of details about their upcoming cross-discipline sports adventure Riders Republic. 

From the gameplay you can see in the trailer, Riders Republic looks like Ubisoft’s Steep but turned up to 11. With a bigger map and more activities, Riders Republic looks jam-packed with content.

It isn’t all just for fun either, as there’s a career for you to build to keep you motivated, plenty of interesting game modes to keep things varied, and a huge amount of customisation options that’ll let your rider be truly yours.

From a brief glimpse at the game map, you can see an obscene amount of other players dotting the landscape, with Mass Races even able to incorporate 64 players into the chaos. With plenty of style and tricks to show off to other riders, it should be a great high octane time with so many other people around. 

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If you enjoyed Steep, then Riders Republic is undoubtedly a game to watch when it releases on September 2nd 2021 for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles.

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