Developer Submission: Ride Smart – Don’t Pay Surge Pricing When a Cheaper Uber is Available

Don’t pay Uber surge pricing when a cheaper car is available.  Get Ride Smart and compare Uber prices before you ride.

Enter your destination and we’ll show you how much each Uber option costs – even when there’s surge pricing.  Ride Smart shows you all the Uber options near you in a single view, making it easy to compare pricing and arrival times.  When you’re ready, choose the car you want and we’ll send you to the Uber app so you can request your ride!

Ride Smart also lets you:

  • Save your home and work address, so you don’t have to enter it each time you want to Ride with Uber.
  • Search for a destination based on its name or address.  Ride Smart’s destination search is powered by Google Maps, and is superior to the HERE Maps search that the Uber for Windows Phone app uses

Ride Smart and don’t pay surge pricing when a cheaper and nicer Uber is available!

Get Ride Smart!

Ride Smart
Ride Smart
Price: Free
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