Reviewing A Smartphone Just From Its Tech Specs ! ! !

An editor from an Indian website posted a review of Nokia Lumia 800 last week. The review received many negative comments because the ‘review’ was done not by handling an actual Lumia 800 unit but just by looking at its tech specs.

The editor compared the Lumia 800 specs with Samsung Galaxy S II and other devices to conclude that “Nokia Lumia 800 the nophone that need to go miles before”.  It seems some Nokia and Microsoft employees also commented on that post regarding Lumia 800 device. Since he/she received many negative comments, the editor started to trace back the IP address of the readers who commented on the post and posted a follow up post to reveal the people who made comments.

Last Friday, I wrote an article about the newly launched Nokia Lumia 800. The article was aimed to educate and inform readers and buyers about this latest smartphone from Nokia so that they could make a smart decision. However, this review ruffled some feathers and we saw an orchestrated pile of comments. The common factor in all these comments was use of abusive language that explains the motive.

However, the biggest surprise came when I decided to check the back-end for the origin of these comments. And was I surprised? You bet. The first comments that appeared were posted by none other than the employees and associates of Nokia and Microsoft. Especially one commentator, Harish, who later realised his mistake of posting comment from his official IP address (from India) and changed it later, is the one who had written the maximum (nine so far) abusive posts. I wonder, if this is called good PR practice at Nokia and whether they believe that everything can be bought like the ad-extravaganza they created in newspapers and TV channels?

Here is what Mr Harish says…

Name = harish
Email Id = [email protected]
Ip Address =

What an crap review!! it’s one of the best phone available, iphone is so dumb compared to this…. Guess some one is paying you lumpsum, congrats..

The IP address ‘’ belongs to Nokia Corp.

Same is the case with other commenter, Aditya Agrawal. While Mr Agrawal has refrained from using abusive word, he had tried hard to convince us that 512MB performs better compared with 1GB or more memory. Since this argument is from somebody from Microsoft, I am really missing my good-old Win98 that used to run on just 32MB RAM unlike the latest Win7 that requires 4GB RAM on the lower side. Hope, Mr Agrawal will tell those guys at Bellevue in Microsoft to make the next Win8 run on less memory so that it can perform better and we all can bring back our discarded systems into some use! Similarly, he should also try and convince the guys at Intel and AMD not to make any better processors as their old ones would perform better with Microsoft OSs. Here is the comment of Mr Agrawal and his IP address…Name = Aditya Agrawal
Email Id = [email protected]
Ip Address =
dude, gone are the times when actual consumers just use to care about the technical specificiations of mobiles. today, people want devices which are beauitful, fast and easy-to-use. for most of the consumers, it does not matter if the phone has 512mb or 1gb ram. if the 512mb performs better in real-life, that’t the one customers are gonna prefer.just a small advice, go to a store and use windows phone 7.5 for 10 mins, the last thing you will care is whether the phone has a single or a dual core.The IP address belongs to Microsoft Corp.
We are also clueless about the kind of ‘Kolaveri di’ (rage over) generated by readers (?), especially from countries like Singapore, the US, UK and even Poland. We had traced back the origins of all the comments and would publish, if necessary, at suitable time.
So why am I posting this here ? Some websites like Guardian UK are posting on this story as if Microsoft and Nokia PR committed a huge error. C’mon, how can you control a MNC employee from commenting on a blog defending their product  from their private name/email address ? The editor did however committed a huge mistake by violating the privacy of his users and even threatens to publish their details as well. Crazy Journalism ! !

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