Review: The Dark Knight Rises

When Joe Belfiore teased some great new apps and games for Windows Phone 8 last week, we all expected some new Gameloft games. We were not disappointed when Gameloft released Shark Dash and The Dark Knight Rises. The last one is a real HD game with beautiful graphics and nice controls, but unfortunately it’s far away from perfect. Want to know why? Find out after the break.

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The Dark Knight Rises is obviously inspired by the movie of the same name.  In the game you play Batman, on a mission to clear Gotham of the evil Bane, using your fists, kicks and an arsenal of weapons.

Gameplay: 5/5

There’s nothing to criticize here. The controls are basic, means you have a virtual joy pad to steer Batman and buttons to do actions like jump, shot, fly or fight. Everything works very well and again, there is nothing to criticize.

The physics are typical for every action game: Hit people do get pushed away a little bit like in an explosion and the main character is able to fly easily. However, TDKR has slightly different physics, which means that flying and sliding in the air actually is quite realistic (except that normal people are not able to fly of course) and once hit people do not get pushed away too far.  100% realistic physics is however clearly impossible for such action games and therefore I think this point is also pretty fine.

Presentation: 3/5

When I first started the game I was like “Wow, that’s the kind of graphics Windows Phone deserves!”. The textures are amazing, the lighting is great and the effects are beautiful. Then I started playing the game and became disappointed: It’s laggy. Not as laggy as Spiderman and unlike Spidey this one is definitely playable, but it does lower the overall gaming experience for sure. Of course it is not always laggy, but in situations with more rendering it sometimes does really run at a low frame rate.

The sound however is pretty nice. Things sound realistic and match with the atmosphere. Sometimes it could be a bit less comic like, but that’s ok.

Lasting value: 4/5

I did not finish the game so far, but I played it for about two hours in one sitting and I am sure this game will last a while. While the first missions do take 5 minutes, the next will take about 10 until 15 and I am sure the very last missions will take even longer. However, the missions are not that varied and will repeat more or less after some time, at least in the time I played. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of several missions which all are different from each other (pursuits, jail breakings, hostage exception etc.), but there is always this “jump, hit, run, shoot, hit”, which is always the same.

Sometimes there is also the need for logical thinking (even if that’s not that hard) which I found very refreshing. This is fun and a nice addition to the game .

Overall Score: 12/15

The game is totally fine. The graphics are truly beautiful, the controls are nice. However, it’s laggy and I personally don’t like those kind of games that much. However, this point is very subjective and I am sure many people will like it.

While the lasting value and the controls are nice, the presentation could be better. The graphics, the textures are beautiful, but since it does lag it does lower the experience quite much.

This game costs $6.99 with a free trial available. Download it from the Windows Phone Store here.

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