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7, 2014

Author Lucas // in News


Many of you are probably the same: Instead of just eating you also want to do something for your body, but do not have enough time, the motivation or the ideas what to do. I had the same problem but then I found an app in the Windows Phone Store! It is called Hardfox SixPack and whether it is worth downloading it or not you will find out now.

The app is meant to be used like this: You lay your phone next to you and it will tell you what to do. The exercises start very easy on the first day and get harder almost each following day so you will see a result after one or two weeks only (of course nothing huge – but you will see something). I personally found the first days to start too easy and to get harder too fast at first, but that depends on the person. The app tells you by voice what to do very detailed. It does so not only by saying which exercise you have to make but also which site an how long. It makes training really easy but if you still do not know exactly what to do you can also take a look at your phone so a little GIF animation will show you.

Everyday you do six exercises; the first day each one six times. When you finished all six exercises you have finished one series. Later the amount of series you have to do and also the repetitions of the several exercises increases so that you always feel challenged.

As I already says, I found the training to get harder a little too fast at first. This, however, does depend on the person doing it so that cannot be really valued. If you do the training at least five times a week you will notice a change very quickly which really is very good, also because without a “personal trainer” I would not be able to imagine enough exercises because I am too uncreative Smiley mit herausgestreckter Zunge

I really liked the app and since it is free I can absolutely recommend it. You can find it in the store here.

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