Review: Nokia Lumia 720; Part 5: Conclusion


21, 2013

Author Lucas // in News

In the last four parts of my review I have told you about my first impressions, the hardware, the software, the usability and I have also made a camera comparison. All this parts of course lead to a final score.

The RRP of the Lumia 720 is €379. This is a normal price for mid range devices and therefore the device is absolutely worth it in my opinion.

For less than 380 Euros you will get a well performing device with a awesome battery life and a great camera. You are almost not any slower than on a high-end device, the only real negative is the fact that you can’t play high-end games, which mid-range Android devices and the iPhone 4 can. Also the screen resolution is not the highest, but that is not an issue in any way because the screen is great even with only 480×800 pixels.


Lumia 720


The 720 scores 9/10 points because it is not only worth it’s price but also let’s you forget it is an mid-range device. Many things are on such a high level that there is no or only a small difference between high-end devices.

Would I recommend the Lumia 720? Absolutely!

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