Review: Nokia Lumia 720; Part 4: Daily usage

Lumia 720Nokia designed the Lumia 720 for covering the mid-range section. I have been using the device for about two weeks now and of course I want to tell you my impressions.

The Lumia 720 is a really nice device. It’s light, sleek and still durable, it’s fast and smooth and has also a great camera and a nice screen. All this make it the almost perfect mid-range device. However, such a thing like perfection doesn’t really exist and therefore the Lumia 720 does also have some negatives.

Let’s start with the positives:

Battery life

This one is a point the Lumia 720 really needs to be loved for. On heavy usage I made it up to two whole days. This is amazing.

Heavy usage means: Using the rooms feature heavily, browsing the web, watching one or two shorter videos, taking some pictures (with automatic upload turned on) and checking the news very often. All this with WiFi and NFC on and with changing EDGE/3G connection.

When I used the device less often I made it up to three, sometimes four days. When the device was in standby the battery held about a week. For a smartphone these are excellent values. My Lumia 920 makes it up to one day on heavy usage. This is also good, but not comparable to the Lumia 720.


Yep, the 620 is brighter, and yep, the resolution actually is pretty small for a mid-range device, but the screen still knows how to convince. Colors are saturated, the contrast is enormously high and the viewing angles are perfect.
Using the smartphone outside is no problem either since the screen is bright enough.

In combination with supersensitive touch, which makes the screen usable with gloves on, the screen is even with a low resolution on a very high level. And to be honest: Nokia already proved several times that they know how to make good screens.

Voice and speaker quality

Taking calls is a pleasure with this device. The opposite party sounds very natural and I was told I was being heard very clearly as well. Of course this was the best-case scenario with full 3G connectivity on both sites.

Also the built in speaker is very loud and still very clear. It’s not perfect, but still on a very high level. Additionally, the device support rich recording which makes videos sound better than on any other mid-range device.

Let’s go further to the neutral things:

Built quality and design

Built quality and design are both on a very high level. The unibody fits perfectly and doesn’t creak, the design is beautiful. Also the device is very thin and light which feels very nice.

However, what was really annoying was the matte finish. It looks great, but makes the device very slippery because it does not have the gummed surface the Lumia 920 has. It happened to me very often that I accidently almost dropped the phone (fortunately only almost. It didn’t fall on the floor even once. Phew!). This is so annoying that I really need to deduct some points for design. A soft-touch finish would have been much better.


I already wrote the performance was great. It still is. However, I am still of the opinion it should be able to handle apps and games which need more performance. iOS and Android prove my opinion: Every mid-range device can run high-end games and apps. This seems to be more a Windows Phone issue than a hardware-issue since 512 MB of RAM should be enough.

And last but not least the one negative point:


Just like I already criticized the Lumia 520 for this the 720 has not enough storage. Microsoft really needs to improve its storage management, because I managed to fill the 8 gig of internal memory within a few days. And all my pictures, videos and music are stored in the cloud.

There is no option to move apps and games to the SD-Card which is not good. Only maps can be moved to the SD-card with a Nokia-exclusive tool..

As you can see the 720 is a convincing device with only small negatives. I am sure many people will like the device. However, the storage is a real problem on Windows Phone which Microsoft really needs to improve.

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