Mozo has been a useful partner for Microsoft in the past few months, providing covers for the Lumia 640 all the way up to the flagship Lumia 950 and 950 XL. As part of my work on MSPU, I have made use of all the Lumia devices Microsoft provided over the last year. While I did end up feeling lukewarm towards the devices due to various issues – one thing in particular stood out to me. On the Lumia 950 XL and 650, I noted that the back cases of the Lumia 950 XL and especially the 650 felt flimsy and cheap. While it may be argued that Microsoft chose to go with lightweight plastic in order to improve the feel of these devices, I’m of the opinion that it backfired and the devices came out feeling worse for it.

Mozo cases – for those who are unfamiliar – provide a replacement back cover experience for newer Lumia devices. If you’re willing to shell out, you can personalise your Lumia and end up with a better looking and feeling back cover as well. I acquired the dark wooden Mozo case and later all three of the newer colourful Mozo cases released for the Lumia 650. I’ve been using the wooden one for a period of months and the plastic one for two weeks now, here’s what I think of them.


When it comes to Mozo and replacing the back cover of your phone, design is one of the strongest reasons for buying a Mozo case. It makes sense, phones are extremely personal pieces of technology that we carry around with us all the time. We personalise the start screen, download apps, take photos on them, it seems incredibly strange that we should be limited to picking either white or black as colours. While Microsoft used to offer a limited range of colours in the past, all that has ceased in recent years. The firm has discontinued these cases in favour of a more limited range of colours. In other words, if you want a colourful Lumia Mozo is just about your only choice.

For this review we tested two sets of Mozo cases, the Mozo cases equipped with pseudo-wood covers, and the plastic colourful Mozo cases for the 650. In the case of the former, I made use of the black wood textured case to complement my black Lumia 650, and I found the design enticing. Unlike the Microsoft equipped cover, it is sturdy and near inflexible. It is also a bit thicker than the cover which means your phone can take a bit more damage. As a result of the thickness added, the camera bump in the 650 is all but gone, and the phone can rest on a table without rocking. It also adds a bit of heft to the phone. This may be a positive or a negative depending on how you feel about the Lumia 650’s thinness and lightness, personally, I couldn’t care less, though some may have hangups over the added weight.


This cover is more somber and business like than the others in the portfolio and that adds a bit to the charm.  Its worth noting that its not actually wood so much as it is a wood feeling case. If you’re intent on getting an actual wood cover for your phone, you may have to look elsewhere.


Next, we also had a look at Mozo’s colourful covers for the Lumia 650. If you thought the Lumia line offered outrageous colours before, then the 650’s covers will positively shock you. There are three such covers, each featuring an equally outrageous pattern.  One of  them (my personal favourite), is a white case covered with colourful dots (or skittles if you’re influenced subliminal brand advertising), the other one features a teal case with jelly bean like patterns on it and the final one – my least favourite features a striped blue and purple design.

As far as looks go, I would say that they certainly aren’t conservative, and that’s a good thing. If you’re the sort of man or woman who doesn’t mind standing out a little with a polka dot phone (spoiler: I am), then this is just what you’re looking for.


Like the wooden cases above, it  adds thickness and heft to the 650, though you won’t particularly notice it since the 650 is near feather light itself.  However, unlike the wooden cases, the plastic on the back is a finger print magnet, though less so than the glass back of the Moly X1 (review coming soon). Despite that, it doesn’t feel cheap, nor do the fingerprint marks detract from the look of the case unless the light catches it a certain way.

All the cases make use of the same components as the Microsoft cases, so you’d still have access to NFC here. You can still put *some* external cases on if you’d like to do so owing to the thinness of the case, though it ould be odd to do so after shelling out a relatively hIGH fee for a replacement case in itself.

Some readers have expressed concerns over the durability of Mozo’s cases, with issues regarding the quality of the case for the 950 and 950 XL raised. While I have not experienced any particular issue with Mozo ‘s cases, I would note that as of this moment, I have used 6 Mozo cases and owned 2 of those 6 for more than 9 months, I have yet to experience or witness any substantial damage to the body of the cases in question. Do with that what you may.

Mozo’s cases for the Lumia 650 are especially good accessories that help make the product feel more complete. You can get a wood case or a colourful case, and both work quite well for their purposes. The wood ones are subtle, muted and exude professionalism. The colourful ones are peppy, show exuberance and stand out from the crowd. The best part? You don’t have to settle for just one. Thanks to the replaceable back of the 650, you can swap the covers out as many times as you’d like.

You can get the Mozo cases from Mobile Fun UK, USA, directy from Mozo or from Amazon.

[Disclosure: Mobile Fun provided the colourful Mozo cases for the purpose of this review]