Review: Modern Combat 4

Gameloft promised to release a bunch of new HD games for Windows Phone when Windows Phone 8 was presented. So far it released a few, but the possibly most anticipated game is available right now: Modern Combat 4.

Modern Combat is an first person shooter game with a lot of action, wonderful graphics and physics thanks to the Havok engine and a nice multiplayer mode. There are also many ways to enhance game play, like buying upgrades, special weapons (like grenades or MGs) and even mounts for guns.

Overall Score: 13.8/15

This game is a real must have. The graphics, sounds and physics are great and are on the level of a gaming console, the missions are nice and take quite long to finish and the controls are so customizable there is surely something for everyone. The price of 6.49€ is high, but in my opinion it is definitely worth every penny!

Presentation: 4.8/5

A smartphone game can’t look better than this one. The graphics are wonderful! Many details, great lighting, nice effects and it runs smoothly!

Also the sounds are great. To make them even greater plug in a headset and start playing the missions – wow. No lie: With a good headset (in my case Nokia Purity) it sounds almost like in the cinema! And I’ve just been there.

The physics in this game are – while they are overall perfectly fine as well – sometimes a bit “too much”. For example some hit enemies just bounce away five or six meters, then fall on the ground softly. This, however, is beefing on a very high level and since the physics are normally absolutely fine deducting here more than 0.2 points would be unfair.


Gameplay: 4/5

The controls are fully customizable and therefore everyone should be able to find a way of steering their soldier easily. However, an first person shooter on a smartphone isn’t that nice since you just need buttons, especially the back buttons of a controller (e.g. the R2 button on a PlayStation controller). However, since the controls can be set up to everyone’s taste the controls are made as nice as possible and controlling the soldier isn’t that hard at all. Once you get used to it it is pretty easy.

Lasting Value: 5/5

I have to admit: I have not finished the story mode yet. But I played it a quite long time. And due to the multiplayer mode the story could be that short and MC4 would still be fun after some weeks.

I played the story for about one and a half hours now and I am at mission three. On difficulty “normal” I died some times and had to repeat some parts of the missions. Therefore for me one mission took about 25 minutes, which is really great. I think the story mode will take some hours to finish, and this is a great value.

However, most of the time I played the online multiplayer which is a great addition to the already great game. When you finished (or maybe also when not) the story the multiplayer will totally extend the fun. Because of that the game will still be fun after some weeks, and therefore 5/5 points seem to be a totally fair value to me.

So, as you can see I am really a fan of this game. In my opinion the price of 6.49€ is absolutely fine. You can find the game, which supports XBOX Live achievements, in the Windows Phone store here (WP8 only, 1GB of RAM needed; takes about 1.3GB of space). Parental Advisor!

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