Review: EasySMX 398M 2.4G Wireless Multifunctional Gaming Headset — Affordable wireless

When many gamers consider a headset, usually they go with LucidSound or Turtle Beach. These headsets are incredibly expensive and there is a significant barrier to entry. While there are entry-level models, they’ll still cost you around $100. There are many companies emerging like EasySMX and Venom which want to provide gamers—console gamers in particular—with affordable options. While Venom is limited to the United Kingdom, EasySMX is even available in the United States. We were recently sent EasySMX’s 398M 2.4G Wireless Multifunctional Gaming Headset and came out surprised due to its quality and accessibility.

For those unfamiliar with EasySMX, the company is relatively new and was only established in 2014. They’re headquartered in Shenzhen, China, a rapidly-expanding technology city which is considered a center for manufacturing. Unlike many companies, EasySMX also has a great reputation for offering helpful customer service. According to the manufacturer, they’ve focused significant effort on the research and development—focusing on reliability—of gaming products such as gaming headsets over the past few years and that’s one of the reasons why they’re so popular.

When you look at EasySMX’s 398M 2.4G Wireless Multifunctional Gaming Headset, it looks like any other unit. It’s made of lightweight plastic and soft cushioned rests. The earpieces are made of a porous material which sit comfortably on the sides of your head. It’s comfortable and you can wear it for hours on end. As with any such headset, your ears do tend to get a little warm and humid but that can be quickly fixed by lifting the sides up for a second when it’s uncomfortable. Despite my search, I haven’t come across a headset which doesn’t have that issue so it’s a common concern. However, what makes the 398M special is that it works with Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and even PC. If you want you can even use it with mobile devices! The engineers really thought of every possible use and made it happen. If exceptional sound quality isn’t a primary concern, then the $50 EasySMX is a great choice.

Unlike the wired Venom devices we’ve reviewed in the past, EasySMX’s 398M is completely cable-free. When connecting to a console, you only have to plug in the base station to your Xbox One through the optical out port and then power it using any USB outlet. We just plugged it into our console because we had ports to spare on the back where many gamers usually attach an external hard drive. The headset even has a microphone attachment if you’re playing multiplayer titles. On a single charge through a separate USB cable, the 398M can last up to 12 hours. We’ve had the device for a few weeks now and we only charge it once a week.

My only real complaint would be how the headset supports stereo instead of surround sound. While the audio is clear if you’re close to the base station, it can become garbled further away. We would recommend sitting right in front of your display and maybe only be around 5 feet away. That produced the best results. While we would’ve preferred surround sound, given the incredible price point of the device and its wireless capabilities, we don’t mind that much. Getting a wireless gaming headset of this quality at $50 is unheard of. While the plastic used in the headset could be better, it still feels sturdy and durable. We’ve been using it nonstop and it hasn’t missed a beat.

The real appeal of this headset has to be the fact that it’s compatible with so many devices. We tried it on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PC and encountered no issues. It’s a great headset at a great price. If you’re in the market for a new one—or haven’t owned one before—this is a great product at a great price. After testing this we truly believe that EasySMX is a company you should consider when shopping for such accessories.


EasySMX 398M 2.4G Wireless Multifunctional Gaming Headset