Review: Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising — Life among the undead

Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising is the long-awaited expansion which concludes the cliffhanger at the end of the base game. For those who don’t know, Frank West is allegedly devoured by the undead in the final mission of Dead Rising 4 and it appears that he lost his life trying to help his friends. However, the existence of the expansion was leaked even before the game came out so everyone knew what to expect next. Frank Rising follows the famed photojournalist as he tries to find a cure for his zombie affliction…while murdering scores of people in the process.

Frank Rising concludes the cliffhanger at the end of the base game

The expansion sees the return of the infamous timer and you have just 90 minutes to save your allies, find a cure and stop the destruction of the city. There are two main endings to the game depending on your actions. While the gameplay is mostly similar, the cutscene and final messages are either positive or negative. Completing all quests and making sure everyone makes it out alive will give you the best possible ending to the game, even though it’s significantly more challenging and requires more time.

Frank Rising is a much more contained experience than Dead Rising 4 as you don’t have a variety of weapons or vehicles at your disposal. All you have to survive are your newly-acquired zombie skills which include favorites like an earth-shattering scream and the ability to shoot acid out of your mouth. In many ways they’re more lethal than those weapons because you’re an incredible powerful force to be reckoned with.

In order to regain health, Frank has to constantly eat other humans or the undead. This is an interesting mechanic which makes it much easier to withstand the constant onslaught of enemies. Frank Rising is quite difficult so you have to stay focused throughout the playthrough. There are upgrades which you can collect like the ability to do more damage or run faster so make sure you notice the numerous golden question marks scattered around town.

Frank Rising gives owners a reason to return to Dead Rising 4

While Frank Rising doesn’t tell a superb story, it’s still a lot of fun and gives owners a reason to return to the game. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow you to return to the main world to simply explore and run over as many zombies as possible because it acts more like a short standalone mission. Despite that, it neatly wraps up the plot and the ability to determine the outcome is a nice touch.

There is one main issue with the experience which must be addressed. Frank Rising should’ve been part of the base game—as an epilogue—because it’s a proper conclusion. Dead Rising 4 ended rather abruptly and it seemed as though Capcom cut content out of the game to force owners to purchase the season pass. This doesn’t seem like a consumer-friendly practice because it’s not right to charge gamers for the true ending.

Base games should be contained experiences which are only supplemented by add-ons. No one should feel forced to purchase them because they’re missing out on the full story. There isn’t any other game this generation which does this except Dead Rising 4.

Base games should be contained experiences which are only supplemented by add-ons

Overall, Frank Rising is a thrilling experience which customers who purchased the original title should play. The expansion is necessary to wrap up the narrative and gives you more choices on how you wish to tackle problems in a limited amount of time. While the content should’ve been free to everyone who purchased Dead Rising 4, it doesn’t stop it from being well worth the wait.

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